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  1. Zulujora
    Zulujora2 years ago

    Safety very first!

  2. Nigis
    Nigis2 years ago

    She should be allowed to feel how she feels. There isn’t much you can do to persuade someone not to feel angry or hurt, particularly in the moment. I do think she is justified, but understand the precarious situation he was put in. I think this all comes back to how strong their relationship is to begin with. For her to want to throw it away over this slight - particularly if this is the first tine a major issue like this has reared its head - makes me think they weren’t that well suited to begin with.

  3. Kashakar2 years ago

    The last 1

  4. Kisida
    Kisida2 years ago

    Some ideas that could help them come quicker, but might not go down well with the guy:

  5. Gardale2 years ago

    Id give my left nut just to fuck her

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